Trucking accidents

Our Miami Truck accident attorney can help you file a claim to reimburse the expenses incurred if you or someone you love has been recently injured in a truck accident. Collecting damages for your accident can be a complicated process, as it requires proving your claim and the negligence or fault of the other driver. However, we have the experience to guide and support you through the entire process.

In truck accidents, reimbursements are usually claimed from the trucking company owning the vehicle. This requires the assistance of an experienced attorney who can handle claims against large-scale defendants. At Miami Legal Firm, our attorney has handled numerous personal injury claims against large corporations as well as insurance providers. We are well versed with local rules and regulations that can strengthen your claim.

Truck rolled over accident.

After a truck accident, insurance companies and trucking companies would swiftly investigate the scene to gather information which can be used to limit claims by the injured party. Hence, it important for the victim to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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