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Bicycle accidents are common and can often result in life-changing injuries for the cyclist. Victims of bicycle accidents in the Miami area should contact Miami Legal Firm for legal counsel if their injuries are a result of negligent drivers. Our attorneys are experienced in handling bicycle accidents and can help you receive favorable compensation for your losses. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the accident scene, collect evidence and represent you in court if needed.

Causas de accidentes de bicicletas

Bicyclists can easily be missed by oncoming traffic, especially during rush hour. Bicyclists have little or no protection and an accident can cause serious and even fatal injuries. A frontal collision can cause severe injuries or death. Immediate medical attention is essential after a bicycle accident, which extends in serious cases. At Miami Legal Firm, our experienced and knowledgeable bicycle accident attorneys help clients in every way possible to ensure that they receive the most compensation possible for their injuries and losses.

Si usted o alguien que conozca está sufriendo de lesiones debido a un accidente de bicicleta, contáctese con Miami Legal Firm para garantizar que sus derechos estén protegidos y recibir la compensación que merece.