Pedestrian Accidents

We all know that in an accident between a pedestrian and an automobile, the pedestrian is at greater risk. Unfortunately, sometimes preventing an accident is impossible, despite of all the precautions.

If you or someone you know is suffering from injuries due to the negligent driving of others, contact Miami Legal Firm to ensure that your rights are protected and to receive the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian crossing the road with oncoming traffic.

Offenses such as driving under the influence of alcohol or excessive speeding increase the risks for pedestrians. Distraction by technology is another factor that increases the risk of a pedestrian accident. While the driver may escape unscathed, the pedestrian can suffer from lifelong injuries or even death.

For a pedestrian, an accident can often lead to devastating consequences such as permanent disability, brain injury, broken bones, paralysis and even death. Even low-speed collisions can cause considerable pain and damage, making a visit to the doctor inevitable. At Miami Legal Firm, we can help you file a claim to receive maximum compensation for losses and medical expenses from the negligent party.

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