Miami Legal Firm protected my rights and helped me and my family move forward.
– Armando Bermudez
Attorney Acevedo with all of her hard work was able to obtain a six figure settlement. I highly recommend the attorney and her firm.
– Graciela A.
I chose Miami Legal Firm a second time because they did such a great job the first time.
– Tatiana Ferreira
Gracias a Miami Legal Firm, recibí una compensación justa y todos mis gastos médicos fueron cubiertos. Recomiendo sumamente este estudio jurídico.
– Ashley Avendano
After my accident, I was in a total panic. It was my first one. Danay literally held my hand and calmed me down. She walked me through every step of filing the claim against the other driver’s insurance. We won!” Thank you Danay.
– Yonaidy Rojas
I was injured and had a lengthy hospital stay. Thanks to the Miami Legal Firm, I received compensation for both my medical bills and lost wages. I never could have done it without them. I would not hesitate to recommend Danay and the team at Miami Legal Firm.
– Yureidys Mirabet
Another driver totaled my car. He didn’t want to pay. Miami Legal Firm went after him and his insurance company. They got me a new car! Totally love them and recommend them to everyone who needs a great lawyer.
– Shirley Azcuy
Danay is amazing. I fell at a supermarket and broke my leg. Miami Legal Firm negotiated to get my bills covered. Great job!!!
– Ana Mora
I want to thank everyone at Miami Legal Firm for handling my case. They were very patient with me explaining all the terms and procedures I did not understand. They were also available to take my calls and communicated often with me. I love you guys.
– Karol Estrada
Thank you Danay. Everyone in your office treated me with respect. I was so shaken up after my accident. I didn’t know which way was up. You took my call and explained the whole process to me. Thank you so much.. Miami Legal Firm is the best!
– Joel Serrano