Florida Auto Accident Statistics: How Does Miami-Date County Compare?

Florida Auto Accident Statistics: How Does Miami-Date County Compare?

2018 is in the books, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has finished compiling its auto accident data for the year. So, how does Miami-Dade County stack up to the rest of Florida when it comes to the risk of auto accidents and accident-related injuries?

10 Facts: Comparing Auto Accidents in Florida and Miami-Dade County

1. Total Auto Accidents in 2018

Of the 396,848 auto accidents in Florida during 2018, 62,817 (or nearly 16 percent) occurred in Miami-Dade County. Since Miami-Dade County accounts for just over 13 percent of Florida’s total population, this means that the Miami area saw a disproportionately-high number of accidents compared to other counties.

2. Most Accidents in a Single Month

March was the most dangerous month for Florida drivers in 2018, with 36,570 total collisions (or approximately nine percent of the annual total). Miami-Dade County also saw more accidents in March (5,761) than any other month during the year.

3. Least Accidents in a Single Month

July was the least-dangerous month for Florida drivers, with 31,069 accidents (or less than eight percent of the annual total). This was followed closely by June when there were 31,088 collisions. In contrast, December saw the least number of accidents in Miami-Dade County, followed closely by November, February, and June.

4. Most Dangerous Time of Day for Auto Accidents

Throughout Florida, accident rates reached a sharp peak at 5:00 pm during 2018. In Miami-Dade County, accident rates were consistently high between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

5. Most Dangerous Day of the Week for Auto Accidents

Friday was the most dangerous day of the week for drivers in Florida and Miami-Dade County during 2018, but not by much. Somewhat surprisingly, Saturdays and Sundays saw the fewest accidents statewide and in the Miami area.

6. Percentage of Injury-Involved Accidents

Statewide, more than 41 percent of auto accident resulted in injuries to drivers or passengers during 2018. This rate was significantly lower in Miami-Dade County, with less than 33 percent of accidents resulting in injuries.

7. Percentage of Fatal Auto Accidents

There was a similar disparity between the rate of fatal accidents statewide and in Miami-Dade County. Statewide, the fatality rate was 0.69 percent. In Miami-Dade County, the fatality rate was 0.44 percent.

8. Percentage of Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

Conversely, there a greater percentage of accidents in Miami-Dade County involved commercial vehicles. Of the 62,817 accidents in Miami-Dade County, 8,217 (or 13 percent) involved commercial vehicles. Of the 396,848 accidents statewide, 44,508 (or 11 percent) involved commercial vehicles.

9. Percentage of Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Cyclists

The rate of accidents involving pedestrian and cyclists in Miami-Dade County during 2018 did not vary significantly from the statewide average. In Miami-Dade County, approximately 3.7 percent of accidents involved pedestrians and cyclists, while the statewide number was 3.9 percent.

10. 3-Year Accident Trends

The total accident figures for Florida and Miami-Dade County decreased from 2017 to 2018. However, while Florida saw slightly more accidents in 2018 than it did in 2016, 2018 saw a three-year low for Miami-Dade County.

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