What if I Get Hit by a Commercial Vehicle?

Identify the Company that Owns or Leases the Commercial Vehicle to file a claim against them as well as against the driver of the vehicle
Determine What Caused the Crash, While driver negligence is the most common factor, vehicle defects, inadequate vehicle maintenance, road defects, and various other issues can cause accidents as well. If a problem with a vehicle or the road played a role in your crash, you could potentially have multiple claims to pursue.
Determine if the driver’s employer made a mistake, employers can face “vicarious liability,”—which means that they can be held legally responsible for their drivers’ negligence. Second, they can be held directly liable for their own negligence—such as hiring an unlicensed or inexperienced driver.
File a commercial liability insurance claim, this is different than filing under a personal auto, and you should not be handled by someone without experience

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