Who Pays for My Rental Car?

Well, it depends. The at-fault insurance carrier may cover your rental. If you are at fault for the accident and you have rental on your policy, they may cover as well. Still confused? Contact an experienced attorney in your area.

Why You Must Call the Police Even for a Minor Accident

Florida law requires a police report when property damage is more than $500 or when there are injuries. Also, you need a police report to have evidence that you were involved in a car accident. So when in doubt, always call the police after an accident.

I was the Passenger in the At-Fault Car. Do I have a Claim?

Yes, you have the right to receive medical benefits up to $10,000. You have the right to be compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, past and future medical bills. Make sure you consult an experienced local attorney.

Why Lyft is Safer than Uber

Lyft covers for medical payments for their riders, while Uber does not. If you have any other questions, please hire an attorney to protect your rights.

Top Three Tips for the Courtroom

First, be prepared and know what you need to say. Always discuss this with your attorney. Second, don’t forget that the jury and judge are humans too. Please be polite. Finally, dress appropriately.

Critical Mistakes You Must NEVER Make After an Accident

Critical mistake you must never make after an accident. Accepting cash, no. Signing a release you must never do without having your attorney present. Giving a recorded statement without an attorney is a big no. If you have been in a car accident contact an experienced attorney today.

Why You Should Sue for Lost Wages

When injured, most likely you will miss work and you have a right to be compensated for your lost wages, whether it’s 2 hours or ten days. Make sure you hire an experienced attorney in your area to make sure your rights are protected.