Injured Before or After a Dolphins or Heat Game? Here’s What You Need to Know

Injured Before or After a Dolphins or Heat Game? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dealing with stadium traffic is by far the worst part of going to a Dolphins or Heat game. From Florida’s Turnpike to the MacArthur Causeway, and from the parking lot at Hard Rock Stadium to the streets around American Airlines Arena, getting in or out can be frustrating at best. Getting in an accident can ruin your night, and getting seriously injured can leave you in pain and facing significant medical bills and other expenses.

If you have been injured in an auto accident before or after a Dolphins or Heat game, here is what you need to know:

1. Put Yourself First

Yes, the accident will make it take longer for other people to get to the stadium or get home; and, yes, these people are going to be frustrated. But, if you have been injured in an accident, you need to worry about yourself first. Take the time to wait for the police, collect the other driver’s insurance information and take plenty of photos and video, and make sure you have everything you need before you leave the scene of the accident.

2. Seek Medical Attention Promptly

Even if it means missing the game or getting home much later than you anticipated, it is important to seek medical attention promptly. Waiting could be detrimental to your health and your claim for financial compensation. If your car is drivable and you are capable of driving, you can take yourself. If not, take an ambulance or ride with a family member or friend.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Even if the other driver was clearly at fault, you still need to contact your own insurance company. In addition to being required to report all accidents under the terms of your policy (as is the case with most insurers), under Florida’s “no-fault” insurance law your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage will be your first source of financial recovery.

4. Don’t Rush Your Claim

When dealing with insurance companies, it can be tempting to try to get through the process as quickly as possible. But, unfortunately, in most cases, this is a mistake. If you say too much or accept payment too soon, you may find yourself paying the costs of the accident for months – if not years – to come.

5. Know Your Rights

From proving the extent of your injuries to proving fault in the accident, and from minimizing the medical effects of the accident to maximizing your financial recovery, protecting yourself after an auto accident requires a thorough understanding of your rights under Florida law. There are several ways that an attorney can help with your claim; And, since personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingency fee basis, you would not have to pay anything unless you receive financial compensation.

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